Can we have this next sesion

hi all and admins you know nexts sesson can we have a facton ocd so that one meber off faction can put somethink in then over can get it out off ther and can we have faction eb so we all can put mony in ther and factton owner can restric who has accses


thanks for the feedback. Tickets for that are created for awhile.
Jascha tries to implement it as soon as he can.
Not that easy.



so dose that pic mean we will have it next sesion plus is this a better place to contact u insted of dicord

and can we have size class 4 gg with over 10000m for mineing the hole red are and can u make the hole planit red gold

If we get this, is there a log we can view to see who takes what ?

There will be, I suppose @Jascha

For now Jascha and I agreed to implement it with the ingame permission system.

  1. As long as a member keeps in the faction, the ocd/eb stays active
  2. It is of course only available per season! Both won’t keep your stuff throughout a wipe!
  3. Only Admin and Owner can pay the money out in the Faction Bank. Members can only pay in. Similar for the OCD. You have to take care who you trust even more.