Cannot Access HV with all my materials due to Build permission on Planet JU

Long story short, I just left Starter Planet looking for a new place to start building.

I landed on JU and I did notice the build permisions (1BA4, 1 SV3, 1 CV 1)

My CV was a class 3 when i entered atmosphere and I was rushing to break it down to a class 1 CV and didnt realize I had 2 HVs that were also violating the ruleset.

Long story short, The HV I was using to place all the items (had 6 cargo boxes on it with everything) ended up being removed from my control and it is now in my base, but I cannot access it.

Is there anyway I can get the HV back, as it has everything Ive been gathering for a week and I already broke down the other HV that was causing the issue.

  • Server: NA
    -Character Name: Lasher
  • Time it happened: about 7:30Pm Eastern US Timing
  • Name of the ship(s): Dont remember if I gave it a name, but its still in the base, just not accessible from my faction.
    Has 6 Cargo boxes full of materials.

Im not sure how to submit screenshot or log files on here. Client_170710-100015-77.log (30.6 KB)

Ok done. :slight_smile: