Cannot connect to test server

Yesterday it worked.

Today I get:

when trying to connect.

Of course the send mail buttons only open the browser, without anything else.
“Continue” does not work.

This has been happening to me as well all night. I was able to connect just fine yesterday too.

I usually get the same error you are getting, bit sometimes it completely closes the game when trying to join.

Any workaround ?

I’ve tried everything I can think of on my end with no change.

I have deleted all files and registry entries, followed by reinstalling, and still no way to join.

Yes, am on 5.1 Exp

Are you on the experimental branch?

of course - 5.1

Just checking.

oh oh, then it is highly needed that you send me your client logs please. Devs fixing it then in the next patch if they find something.

Where do you need these sent to ?

Do we need to empty some cache folder or anything else, when changing between versions ?

Devs fix it with the next patch. Thanks for the logs guys