Cannot load into specified playfield. Teleportation requested

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened: Cannot connect to server when in HW playfield. I’ll be performing some machine maintenance that I believe will fix this in the future, but need to run some errands (move a CV, mark for interest, etc.) before I do. Teleportation to another playfield fixed problem the last time it was encountered.
Player(s) with issue: Supreme Admiral
Server: NA
Time (cb:time): As soon as is convenient
Playfield: From HW to TPP donor planet or any space playfield
Structure Name(s): N/A
Structure ID(s): N/A
How can we help you now: Teleport to above-mentioned location. Feel free to remove all 300+ Pentax from my inventory for “warping”

Although I made optimization to Homeworld it happens… anything changed at your gear (PC / Internet)?

Can you send us your client log or do you see if it’s an EAC issue?

Previously it worked for you I guess.
Just want to understand the problem.

I live in an apartment that shares a router which is never reset. I’m tempted to pull the breaker for the communications room some days to forcibly reset it. It could well be a time-of-day situation when the router is used by more people.

I have also installed a few more background programs recently, so it may be related to those. I’m backing up my HWS files now to prevent loss, then will be restoring the machine to factory settings to free up system resources. I believe this will have a large affect, I’ve just been too lazy to back everything up and dig up licenses for Matlab, UG-NX, Mathematica, etc., but I’mma bite the bullet and get it done today.

Is there info on my system anywhere that would elude to the cause? If there are crash dump files or the like, just tell me where to find them and I’ll gladly send em to you

Oh… I’m also running Win8. Lol. I’ll be upgrading to Win10 shortly. That should mean a massive improvement. XD

Just loaded back in. Zero problems. Took maybe 7 or 8 seconds to load into server. Seems very much to be specific to the playfield. Thanks for the assist.

no worries, any more issues let us know

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