Cannot log in - kicked by EAC

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Good afternoon, i write you because i have an issue with logging in empyrion sErver HWS Reforged EU…after some days of playing withouth major issues i am unable to log in because i get kicked off by the EAC, wich is active and running and allows me to enter other servers without problems.
I have tried restarting the game, the computer, the connection and disbling and re enabling EAC whilist closing the game several times, but to no avail.
Please help me resolve this issue and go back playing on your beautiful server!
Thank you

welcome to HWS
we can’t help much with it, since it’s out of our reach, but close Empyrion and try to uninstall EAC and reinstall it again.
Combined with verifying your steam files afterwards.

Hi, thanks for the quick reply.
I have reinstalled eac and checked game files but i am sadly still unable to log in.
It is a bit weird because this happens only on HWS EU server and not other server with EAC required
Will try to reinstall the game, if you can helo me in any way (es. check for shadow bans, or server logs, etc…) really anything that would get me back in the server playing with my friends i would be grateful.
Ill keep you updated, thanks!

For that I need to know:
on what server exactly you want to login? HWS+ EU or HWS RE EU?
And what is your ingame steam name?

Tried reinstalling but still not working.

The server is HWS RE EU

Steam name is BRVLLO

The only relevant log I found was

30-17:39:30.120 19_39 -LOG- UserStatus for eac-CID xxx: ClientViolation Kick? True Message: Excessive packet loss
30-17:39:30.120 19_39 -LOG- AuthState: UserStatus update for CId=xxx, EId=xxx, xxx/=/'BRVLLO' came AFTER client asked to enter the game - kick required! (ClientViolation)
30-17:39:30.120 19_39 -LOG- Server kicking player CId=xxx, EId=xxx, xxx/=/'BRVLLO': Kicked by EAC. Please check if you started the game with AntiCheat protection software enabled

Which is just telling me that your internet is not the best? At least EAC can’t verify you. I can’t say more unfortunately.

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