Cannot remove an offline faction member

cannot remove an offline faction member
this seems to be a fairly old dev item that has not been clearly addressed.
Just recently Someone joined my faction, says last time they were on, 3 days ago.
I dont know who they are, and cannot remove them.
Its good for the guy who never comes online when you are online. His stuff is safe i guess.
Or if he had everything set to faction, and gets removed, he loses everything.
Idk either way, its my faction, I want the option to remove anyone at any-time.
If said member needs help later, that can be addressed later.
I dont like how we are lacking a simple control structure, within something, that is supposed
to belong to us. I want full control of editing faction members weather they are online or no.
At least give me the option, to set my own cooldown, say 5 days, not a server wide global cooldown. I want to choose my own cooldown length.
If anyone is gone, say, … 5 days -set by me of course, they are auto removed. or the greyed out member protect feature is removed, and full access is granted.

Yes, sadly this is old. I pinged Eleon once again to address this asap.

For now it is an admin job.
If you want someone to be removed let us know and we can do this.

great thank you, i will msg you with that faction members name ASAP for removal.

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