Can't connect... stuck on "connecting to server"

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What happened:

i can’t connect no matter what i do, it stays on the “connecting to server” stage and then sends me back to the main menu, i moved from EU to NA thinking that the server location was a problem (it hapenned regularly in the EU server) but now i CAN’T conect, period, no matter how much i try (nearly 20 times now)… please help i really want to play this game

Player(s) with issue:

Ulfr Riorwa



What ping does he show you to the server?

to the NA server i usually have 94 to 150 and the EU 120 to 200

hm thats high but not to high. 3xx is max to connect.
Could you send us your client logs. Maybe we can see something there.
How much RAM does your PC have?

16 GB… here are the logs…

Client_181229-114245-66.log (40.7 KB)
Client_181229-121642-10.log (47.4 KB)

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The Dev is looking into the overall connection issues but couldn’t find a proper reason.
If EAC / Steam is laggy sometimes, it affects certain players but not all…

im still not able to join the server, after all those days, the farther it goes is the “Planets” reading stage… but once it hits 100% it will not load…

From your logs it appears to be an issue with EAC. Have you tried deleting all the EAC files and then verifying files through Steam?

The devs are currently trying to track this issue down.

i will try to delete ALL EAC files not just the .EXE like i did and report back

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