Can't connect to the server - banned

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened:

Can’t connect to the server - banned.

Player(s) with issue:




Time (cb:time):

6-2 21:40


Binome systems

Structure Name(s):

Structure ID(s):

How can we help you now:

You are for now banned until I decide what I will do with you.

You broke our rules:

4 days ago you abused a mistake I made with the Faction Supply level 10 package for Alliance.

And instead of reporting it to me INSTANTLY (as another honest player did), you tried to hide it very fast, very sneaky.

Forcing me to invest a LOT of time log crawling and find out where you sneaky russian hide your stuff.

And then, AHA! Found it

but somehow not 998 anymore… no, you grabbed from it day for day and enjoy your insane Reputation.

I hope it was funny for you to betray me! :angry:
You are a shame.
Maybe I unban you next week… next month… next year.
Will see.



I’m basically a PVE player and not very experienced in terms of using and recognizing bugs and other nuances of the game. I tried to accumulate RP that would get the maximum support. When I received support level 10, I decided that it was intended by the server administrator. Because they didn’t give the containers to my origin. On this server a lot of things changed and as a beginner to determine where the bug, and where not? In fact, I did not break anything but only used the server commands.

The server itself gave such an award. Who sets up this command? Who is to blame for what happened?
Maybe an administrator?
You banned a person not for his mistake, but for his own. He just used the game team. And does not deserve such a punishment.
A fairer punishment, zeroing the RP and pick up all the boxes.
P>S>You have no right to insult people, especially pointing nation


Сервер сам дал такую награду. Кто настраивает эту команду? Кто виноват в том что так вышло?
Может быть администратор?
Ты забанил человека не за его ошибку, а за свою. Он всего лишь использовал игровую команду. И не заслуживает такого наказания.
Более справедливое наказание, обнуление RP и забрать все ящики.
P>S> Ты не имеешь права, оскорблять людей. Особенно указывая нацию.

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Even in your final breath, you try to lie to me.
What are you thinking?? Do you think I’m totally stupid retarded?

Are you kidding me?
Yes, it was my mistake but you report mistakes to me and not abuse it.
I showed you the rule above about that.
You are just a bloody liar.

You are NOT a beginner with 2000+ playhours!

With that amount of hours you knew EXACTLY that something is wrong. You didn’t even think 10 seconds and instantly put the Container in the Container to “hide” it. And no, they didn’t give you Alliance Alien Container but hey, let’s sell the cheated Container on the market.

You are part of RED, the PvP faction ever. You participate in PvP.

For lying to me that blatant and shamefully you lost all of your progress now even IF I consider to unban you some day.


Are you his friend? Did you abuse it too? Are you looking also for a ban?

Let me check your structures too.

10 supply fixed ?

okay guys, this goes for everyone…

exploits / bugs are a part of the game… if ANYTHING seem’s to good to be true, plz report it asap for admin to look at.

We’re trying to make the gameplay as it was intended, bugs / exploits is a part of the game so far… just plz report anything to admin for investigation.