Can't connect

Hi i can’t seem to connect to the server.
I had some connection issues earlier today where i disconnected several times,
although i can get onto other servers ok.
Any ideas?

I’ll do a restart right now. Should be on in a few seconds. Please try again.

The Devs ask: You remember where you logged of? Was it a place with no, or not much Deco?

ooh i forget the planet name, was a safe, snow planet.
only been playing a couple of days after a friend convinced me haha
Went there to avoid mars wipe, since he has a huge ship.

and i’m in, thank you :slight_smile:

The Planet is New Hope… But the area you were in. Were there no Trees, Grass, etc? Did it look strange when you logged off?

ahh no, i was around trees and water and animals, i’ve logged back in exactly where i was :slight_smile:

I cannot connect to the server, I done my fa:supply command last night then cb:start but upon trying to log in I was met with a continuous connecting loop, I have checked using the same computer with a different steam account and this connects without a problem :frowning:

Didnt check the date lol just the title :stuck_out_tongue: