Can't craft epic weapons?

  • New Config: you can’t craft Epic weapons anymore (new players). And you don’t need Gold for crafting them anymore (existent players)

@RexXxuS Can you explain the reasoning behind this? I understand adjusting the Gold requirements; I’d heard it was around 250 ingots to craft a single epic and that’s just crazy… but why can’t we craft them any longer? This seems particularly unbalanced when anyone who happened to unlock them before the change can craft them while everyone else can’t.

I wouldnt worry about it. Just kill someone and take theirs.

Kinda like the idea of crafting them for quite a bit of gold, feels more like an investment than something you spam, but yea not being able to craft them just ends up with 1 player that runs everything right after reset becoming absurdly rich and everyone else frustrated :confused:

If people who can craft them rely on the people who get them the weapon kits for them I thought about a better Trader relationship here.

But I see where you are coming from.
I mainly wanted to stop the gold ingot exploit but since it was time delayed I can activate crafting them again to make it fair for everyone and turn it off on HWS 8.

To disallow crafting them was a feedback from many (Traders) who see Epic weapons on the market like Toilet Paper.

Thanks for the feedback.


There are many other ways to get them there is no need to be able to craft them too. THis takes away the purpose of raiding POI or trading or even PVP. Not to be rude but if only one person is against it then well there are other servers that ruin the POI experience…It is not like they are so much more better than the t2 if you look at the stats they are just barely better. Unless they have been modified. I have the Assault rifle I got with spawn and its slightly better.

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For market stability there should always be multiple ways to acquire item’s, then there cant be a monopoly, but yes if its crafted it needs to be more expensive to make than just going and doing the poi.

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Again though if they are not more increasingly useful then a T2 then I dont see the point in them. I use the one I have as I like the scope on the rifle. Otherwise I dont bother crafting them. Still I feel the game needs to have purpose besides attacking others just because. If you can craft Epics then what is there that a player has that you dont? Our big PVP factions have all the resources they need that is why they attack others as they have the supply. There is no real point in PVP though because you dont usually have a base left that you can use. Can not capture a CV yet. At least with rare weapons like epics you have a goal in mind.

Have you tried farming? I hear that’s awesome fun

I can’t believe they made epics craftable.

You know when ever I designed a poi I always thought… What do I give as reward…

There is nothing in EGS that I feel you really need to work for.

Like why bother taking on a poi for gold when its easy to gather if you have the time and patience…

pentax is cushy to get now nothing like it was back in HWS 2 or 3 and you can stack the hell out of it…

components are only good when there is a huge bulk of them…(quicker bp spawn)

medi kits and food etc is a nothing item… How often after the first 2 hours of play do you need ‘antidote’ or ‘Radiation pills’

Which item would you be like… Yes awesome I’m glad I took on this poi??

Bulk cores… Again easy bp spawn…

Besides the pvp dramas that are constant, the pve side is a real let down when really there is no desire to want to seek our TRUE rewards because they don’t exist…

Now imagine…

Epics are epic, they can f shit up…when you have one… You are going to have the advantage… They also open up the world of rewardong Rp gain and most important they will be like diamonds on the market.

No one can craft…

Every Ocd is wiped with them…

The litral only way is to take on poi which in future will be pure Hws poi, pve players have their place, traders go out and risk it to supply the pvp guys.

Not stopping with epics, there should be items that are so rare and rewarding that it is worth losing lots of ships, worth hours of grafting because when you get them. You are the man, sell it or keep it you have big advantage.

Every game needs those legendary items and rewards to give you something to aim towards.

Does this exist even a little in Empyrion right now?

No, not even a little.



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If they are buffed to really be epic then hell’s yea! :smiley: but the only problem I see is for the Lawless guys, I remember in a fight you burn through like 10 because you have to have one in your hand in every sv you fly and they drop like flies so if they become super rare I would suggest upping the RP per kill with a epic in your hand but limiting the kills per day that effect RP then lawless will sweat even more during pvp because they have only a few shots to get it right ^_^.

Also Poi’s are still amazing I run them for those sweet sweet bulk components.

Hmm if you want super rare stuff what about:

Combat blocks get buffed to 10k hp each, and the blocks before combat blocks get buffed to the old combat block hp (and cost reworked), then some how removing crafting of combat blocks and have them only as a reward from POI :] Then we can slowly pimp our rides xD (maybe same for some sv blocks)

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Actually, that does bring up an idea @A.F.T , is it possible to have xeno steel be something like double the hp of combat steel? Since it is currently only available as POI reward, and cannot be saved in the blueprint, it makes it a sort of epic reward plating for a special cv.

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You want more tight alien blocks? To rebuild some parts of the ship by hands and have some more good protection? But even now the alien blocks (2000 hp from POI) is more tight! Because they do not have blast dmg multiplier. So use id! If you have it! +25-30% againts AOE damage from heavy weapons.

True I guess combat steal can be made from f2 unless maybe the cost gets put to like 100k iron per block just so that its impractical unless found on POI. Good point A.F.T. but maybe its nice to have the option of Rare HP block or Rare Agility block. Maybe if you rich you can put HP on the outside and around core and agility block everywhere else to have a super ship but then you loose 70mil from buying all the blocks lol. And if the block limit per ship was capped then this would be the only way to have more tank.

Good to know. The only thing I saw in patch notes was that it was supposed to be slightly less hp, and much lighter. Its a neat concept, but if we are really wanting to make it something special, this config file gives us the opportunity to make it something really sought after.

The alien blocks (2000hp no BP spawn) and xeno blocks (1500 hp spawn BP) it is different blocks.

Ah ok then. I was only aware of, and referencing, the xeno steel. Can we make the alien blocks? or are they limited to POI usage?

Alien only for POI. Xeno free for use (it is light weight like steel but have 1500 hp)

Ok ya that was what I was kind of referencing, perhaps tweaking the hp of xeno (since you cannot make it from scratch as far as I know, only harvest it from POI) so that it is better than combat steel. I was thinking 1.5x to 2x health of combat steel, something that would make it worth using. Also any chance of upping the damage of beeper explosives? always been a pet peeve of mine, an 8 second timer on a 5 unit stacked weapon, that takes about 6 to blow one large block. It is silly

I do not have data to change beeper exp. (it is my loves hand weapon) When devs give that stats i try to improve it (i can try even now but without starter data it will be too difficult)

Is the AOE reduction of xeno steel meant to be common knowledge? i had no idea it did this. I just thought it was lighter thus making ships more manouverable - requiring fewer thrusters/RCS.