Cant find items in my OCD

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What happened:
=> After a long time i decided to play again and when i’ve checked my OCD it was all empty while im pretty sure that i did store things for later.
Player(s) with issue:
=> Tono

=> EU

Time (cb:time):
=> 21:42 CET

=> Freelancer-Cryo

Structure Name(s):

Structure ID(s):

How can we help you now:
=>My OCD gets deleted during full wipe if i did not login for too long? Or what could causes it to be empty?
Thanks for the support.

Many items were removed from OCD a few seasons ago, but not all. Maybe you’re looking at the wrong server?

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I did check it and when i try to check OCD on NA it says i never played there or something like that. After that ive seen that i had materials left in the auto miner on the EU server so now im pretty sure i did check the proper server for OCD.

Have you actually logged into the server and played this current season?
You have to log into the server at least once for the data to be synced with the website, otherwise it just looks like you haven’t played before.

After playing for a few minutes on the server check the website again.

I just checked it, logged in to NA, now i can see the OCD from NA but it is empty and lvl 1 not lvl 2 like at EU.
Well worst case is i lose the fuels , ores etc i wanted for fast start after the wipe, but its still confusing.

OCD levels are never downgraded. Are you sure you are remembering correctly or are checking the correct server? You do need to play on both servers to have both of them display the correct info on the website as well.

How long ago since you last played and checked it, what season/version?

@Tono, log in to eu server, move a little and wait till you see the welcome back message, then wait ~5min and check again the hws connect eu. I bet its all there but you just cant see it couse you habe not played this season or something.


neither OCD Level nor OCD Items are wiped. There is also not much we can do here.
Are you sure you logged in with the right account?

I did play maybe even more than a ~1 year ago or so, but if there isnt anything to do about the OCD when its empty like that than i just give up and going to try farm again.Since im 100% that i never used other account or played at NA so if i cant find it now i wont have it later.
At least my OCD lvl are the same like it was and the autominers has some few ores.
Thank you all for the help and hf.

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