Can't find promethium

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What happened: Most of the promethium deposits have only 10-20% on PvE planets (havent checked all of them, just 3 or 4). Other deposits are fine, but promethium usualy mined out fast. It hasn’t passed 24 hours since the last wipe. Won’t be enough for a week.
Player(s) with issue: a lot of them
Server: HWS EU
Time (cb:time): -
Playfield: PvE playfields
Structure Name(s): promethium deposits
Structure ID(s): -
How can we help you now: I think I don’t have to suggest anything. You will know the best way to solve this. Thanks your work!

Just to be sure, do you have an ore scanner on you? Promethium and some other ores appears in chunks and you need one to locate them or you will only find empty holes.
If you checked with an ore scanner with a drill in your hands, then try to clear all the deposits, once the deposits are emptied, meteors start to spawn.

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Thanks, but I don’t have any problem with game mechanics. Talking about changing the ammount of promethium, because players mining out them too early before next surface wipe.

Most of the promethium asteroids are not mined in black hole. I go there sometimes twice a day and almost each time the promethium is barely mined. I myself just leave them alone most of the time…
Problem comes from PvE… And how many people vy for them while the refresh takes so long.
But if it was shorter, people like me, who don’t really PvP and are kind of forced to mine in PvP won’t be going there anymore.

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