Cant log to forums on main pc

Using a different pc atm.

Had to format my pc becuase of hardrive fails, and when I open the web browser and go into and click forum and login then sign in through steam it accepts it and then straight after it loads my name into create new account and adds a 1 after my name, no idea why it just won’t let me login through steam. HWS connect works fine thou but the forums seems to be a seperate login :confused: Sorry for the hassle


ehm, yeah sign in through steam is a new feature I added but the database of steam and the forum login is different. The login methods are just a recognize checker and not mapped to the database.

So to get your other account please login to that account again.
For now I don’t know how to match different login methods to one database. Not trivial I guess

That was the problem though I never actually made an account before xD I always just signed in through steam but was able to use my email to reset password and add one that didn’t exist before xD but works now thanks.