Can't Purchase ECC Garage Ship

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened: Typed ti:buy while looking at the ship as instructed with enough money deposited into the EB.
Player(s) with issue: lilkountree
Server: NA (North America)
Time (cb:time): 13,795:22
Playfield: ECC Planet - Garage
Structure Name(s): Prototype Q
Structure ID(s): Unknown
How can we help you now: I need help understanding why I cannot purchase a HWS Ship that is for sale at the ECC Garage.

Finally figured out the instructions I was given were wrong. Even looking it up on HWS Connect it says ti:buy. Anyways I got someone to tell me ts:buy is the proper way. You can close this ticket. Thanks.


ok, thanks for letting us know, we’ll sort that.