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When I log in on HWS connect , I click Vote, but it say I need to wait 8 hours before next vote. It did say that 3 days in a row now.

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Every day , evning


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I would try another browser or flush cache/history/what you can on your current one and restart the whole machine after that. I have no idea will it help but you could atleast try.

Ok I will give it a try, Thanks.

If HWS Connect thinks you have voted in the last 24 hours, you can load the voting website anyway using this button “Check here again”

Doing it that way has let me vote at odd / overlapping times (still only once per day though)

Ok . I did try new browser and so on. did a browser clean.

But still I can log inn and try vote at the evening when i play. It will say, you need to wait 14 hours. I log in now this morning it say 19 hours.
The time is just random it feels like.

I log inn every day to try vote. 7/02 Was the last time i manage to do a vote!
My girlfriend. right next to me on here own PC. She log inn and vote every day no problem. But I cant.

Every time i log in to HWS connect I need to log in with my steam account. I need to get email and security code from Steam on email. To log inn. Still the Vote page cant really see when I do what ?

PS - The photo you show me Scorp I do not get. It say on HWS dash I can vote! So I click the link. Log inn , and then on the new page it say XX hours before I can do it.

I think I explained it in ingame chat already? But anyways, there is your issue.
The empyrion server third party website does not allow votes from the same IP address to prevent abuses.
Nothing we can do about that, sorry.

If you go ahead with some VPN solutions or coordinate the vote with your girlfriend is up to you.

We are on two different PC’s = two different IP’s . Cant have a PC with the same ip it will crash the network.

Yea you told me we can not use the same PC and log in and out and do things like this. That was just how we happen to do it that night. As she was playing and i was not. So i was one the web.

The Vote page clearly say the message any abuse is not allowed. To use VPN to trick the voter to let me vote. Is that not abuse ?

Oha. I recommend to inform yourself a bit more.
What you mean is maybe the MAC address. But two PCs are still using the same IP address in common households.

I said IP address, not PC. But you don’t know how IP and PC works, so it got mixed up.

Abuse is if you create with one natural person multiple votes. In your case, if it’s true, you have a girlfriend. So there are 2 natural persons, no abuse.
But I see you need to inform yourself in general more about network and stuff.

I can’t help you anymore and would just recommend that the person votes who need the credits more.

Good luck.

Hey . as I must log in with steam!! To enter the vote. I thought it would be the direct ID to the PC or my profile. MAC as you call it. Ofc my home router have a IP and all PC behind this have a IP that ref to that router.

I just used my phone and logged off wifi. To get a unique IP. Then used phone to vote with.

But in my eyes this is still bad for the ‘vote page’ There is 1000’s of homes out there with more then one PC in the house. But this page dont support it then i see.

Thanks anyway

As was said already, this isn’t something that HWS servers has any control over at all.

You have to complain to the voting website. All the server can do is get the information from that site, that’s it.

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