Can't warp to our home system and many other systems

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What happened:
=> Can’t warp to our home system anymore

Player(s) with issue:
=> NotAlCapone, and Jag 720

=> NA

Time (cb:time):
=> 17th june 22:00

=> it originally said it was Banirintir but after either logging out or closing the game it changed all the names of the systems to names i never seen, so right now it’s called Naama Gamma [E-Sil]

Structure Name(s):
=> HQ

Structure ID(s):
=> can’t get ID since i can’t get back to our system/planet

How can we help you now:
=> I saw in chat someone saying stuff about restricted areas and was wondering if our system became one or just some other bug causing this issue, cause it’s not just our system its many systems i can’t warp too that are literately just one warp away from were i am right now.

Shouldn’t be restricted… strange. Sounds like a bug.
I tried to warp you Jag 720 to your friend NotAlCapone now

It was just weird cause all day that day i was warping around farming resources just fine but around like 10:00 pm EST it stopped working. Oh would it be possible for you to warp my friend Sinna to me when ever you have the time. She just bought the game today so has 0 idea how to do anything, and i can’t just go pick her up

Normally this is not our job and would ruin the gameplay flow.
There are some features available for her to make use of “short cuts”.
Be it the egs:spawn command for a ship or the HWS Connect > Universe > Teleport to ECC feature.

As an one time service I teleported her to you.

thank you so much :slight_smile: oh you may want to look at the egs:spawn or have one of the helpers do it cause in alpha 11 it wouldn’t lift up for me and jag till we added more thrusters, and even now i am seeing some people say it won’t move. Me and Jag were not sure if it was maybe something to do with the volume stuff but yeah it required i think 6 small thrusters under it for it to lift up and i believe i added 2 mediums on to the back to go forwards too.

Thanks. I think due mass, yeah. Cause it works for me.
Maybe check also the Sliders in the Statistics panel.

yeah once the server goes back up me and Jag will be testing it out, i did not think to check sliders till after server wiped for alpha 12 release.

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