Can't withdraw from OCD

I placed items into my ocd 2 days ago and have not ever been able to get them out. It keeps saying that it needs to cool down.

are you by any change in a faction , Hunter , Trader , Alliance , Pirate ?

Alliance OCD get Cooldowned on PVP Playerfield : 1 Hour

Trader OCD get Cooldowned on PVP Playfield : 7 minute’s
Trader OCD get either cooldowned on they RP they have

Hunter Get OCD Cooldown on PVP playfield: 6 Hours

And our meany Pirates get OCD Cooldown on PVP playfield; 12 Hours

if your in no faction it is 24 hours on PVP playfields ,

if this didnt help you than i might wanne request a crash log after you typed in that command , you can find your loggs at steamapps/common/Empyrion…/Logs/Current-Build

Greetz MSE

Dark is in my faction. I can verify that he is trying to withdraw while in a pve zone, but it keeps saying he is overloading the systems.

please read the story guys

OCD get amounts on PvP as much RP you have

Auctoria btw. was not designed as PvE in first place. That’s the reason the tool triggers this as PvP.

Gotcha. Ok so one last question though. If you have zero RP you are straight up not allowed to withdraw at all in pvp? cooldown I get, and I love that it scales with RP how many times you can do it. But when you can’t get stuff out of your ocd to sell until you buy the larger ocd, then get rp, its kind of a vicious cycle.

Now I am having problems adding anything to the market place. I have tried multiple different items and logged out and back in

It eventually worked

OCD is not needed to get credits. So there are other ways to get OCD to level 3.
And after OCD lvl 3 a Trader should have enough RP. Every longtime Trader with 0 RP is maybe a fake trader trying his luck a bit too much in PvP.

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