Capture the Base is Bugged

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened:
=> Capture the base mission is not capable of being properly won because the core is indestructible.

Player(s) with issue:
=> Heli_Professor

=> NA

Time (cb:time):
=> 03:05

=> Eton

Structure Name(s):
=> Metropolis Tower

Structure ID(s):
=> n/a

How can we help you now:
=> The Metropolis Tower core was indestructible. We fought TAW, F_U, and 3SC for HOUUURRRRRSSSSSSSS. We went through tons of resources and all for nothing. The core couldn’t be destroyed, so no one could’ve taken it, or won the event when it was all said and done. I would like to properly get access to the planet, since we were there couldn’t do it. This was all the stuff that I had taken from everyone’s backpacks while fending off the tower during the event:

You can find all this stuff in the Personal Locker in the bathrooms at the top of the elevator shaft. @Rex some said they thought you had fixed the event and told me to post this so you were aware that it’s still not working. I don’t know how we can get compensated for all that was lost. We were going to get the RP, gold, and mine all the resources.

You cant claim you were the winners just because you were about to core due the the fact we had a guy sitting there trying to core it before you did. So if you get compensated so do we :slight_smile:

Now when you say “trying to core it” do you mean trying to destroy the core, or place one down? Ozi and I were there trying to destroy the core and it was indestructible. You guys weren’t near the tower core, so you couldn’t have destroy it and placed a new core down because you were denied access to the tower.

I just remembered that EVERY SINGLE TIME I’ve done that mission, there has been some technical difficulty with it preventing us from 1) doing the mission or 2) getting the reward(s) from the mission. There hasn’t been one single time that that mission has gone without hiccup. Either it’s the dirt, the core, winning the event, but still get kicked out of the planet… You name it, there’s always something that makes all your hard not pay off in some way or the other. I hate to sound like I’m whining. It’s just super frustrating to participate in all these events if they don’t work the way they’re intended.

8.6 You are NOT allowed to build / spawn / fly your structures inside of asteroids or inside POIs (within the bounding box).
TAW/F_U/3SC were controlling the outsides of the tower, the only thing that prevented us from getting the core is several armed hvs inside.

You were trying to destroy it we were trying to place it, we don’t have to destroy the core to be able to place one.

Maybe some more feedback on Eton is to be had, RexXxuS! :slight_smile:

So, it’s totally possible (and legal???) to run into the Metropolis with a SV with nothing but blocks and enough to get you to the door, walk in, spawn some HVs into the Metropolis, and sit there to deny other people winning the event.

You’ll get some backpacks (as seen here), but also deny yourself getting the event because unless you get out to properly take the Metropolis, you can be denied exit from your tower, just as anyone else can be denied entry. :slight_smile:

It’s been won plenty of times, even with ‘cheesy’ tactics (Not meaning they weren’t fun to play against), so the thing works, it’s just that the tactic used meant that noone gets it because noone gets into the POIs to finish, and noone gets out, either.

Really, it’s the tactic you folks chose. Fortify the inside and naturally your opposition will make sure you’re stuck there. That results in a stalemate and noone ‘wins’ the event.

Not much fun, if you ask me, as far as the event goes, but the PvP outside was alright.

If I could by design prevent someone from using a cheese tactic here, I’d say make the doors unlock as the levers are pulled, and for the sake of us all put a land claim on that thing. :slight_smile:

On Eu OPG fortified twice inside the poi… was fun. We managed to win anyway. XD

Maybe have some switches on the outside towers that destroys a land claim and opens the doors for the center tower? This way it would prevent people from just crash landing a sv and running inside.

The HWS Metropolis is probably one of the biggest challenge so far.
Almost every day ~20 players doing PvP around it.

I always dreamed of it and now, after ~5 months it’s finally happening :wink:
But I couldn’t know all the tricks you have prepared for me :see_no_evil:

So, alright, I don’t know why the core was indestructible @Heli_Professor but technically absolute not possible.
I have one assumption but don’t want to investigate too much time in it now.
It’s a work in progress process and I reworked the HWS Metropolis once again to prevent the indestructible core issue and added a Land Claim Device to the big HWS Metropolis Tower.

That means though that the whole planet is now affected by the Land Claim Device setting.
Shouldn’t change that much except cheesy tactics.

Initially I turned off Anti Grief completely because I invited you to drill under neath the Metropolis POI. Since this was too cheesy as well over time, the Land Claim Device should only add positive gameplay than bad now.
A fair battleground for everyone.

The Land Claim Device can only be destroyed, once you captured the Metropolis.
100% SV + HV + First Person Shooter is waiting for you now.

Let me know your feedback tomorrow. :popcorn:

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I don’t get the relevance of a land claim device in the tower whatsoever. You can’t dig on the planet to begin with. The planet is literally indestructible in all aspects until 6 hours after a faction has won the event. Does a land claim device do something else besides prevent people from digging in a given area around it?

@RexXxuS are you saying that it is not possible for the core to be destroyed? It surely wasn’t taking any damage last night when we were there shooting it with every type of weapon we had on us.

It prevents spawning structures inside POIs.

The core spawned with 598/600 hitpoints, hence it was destructible. But something or someone has repaired it back to 600/600 which makes it indestructible again…

Unfortunately the Land Claim Device idea does not work :frowning:

There is a bug that even though I have set “Default” or “Land Claim Device” in the playfield.yaml, that the game still requires a “Regenerate” for that POI.
But “regenerate” means, you can’t place a block or change the structures anymore.

So we stick with “No Anti Grief” for Eton and the rule “Don’t spawn stuff inside POIs”.

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