Cargo Box Volume

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What happened:
=> Cargo Box Volume

Player(s) with issue:
=> YuKarn

=> EU

Time (cb:time):
=> 12:56

=> Residence

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Incredibly struck by the “huge” volume of cargo boxes in the purchased apartments …
With such volumes, the meaning of acquiring apartments disappears :frowning:
Will it remain so or is it some kind of mistake?

In my SV, the volume of cargo boxes is more :slight_smile:

Thanks for the clarification!

the volume of that container should be high again.
I didn’t try yet but a workaround would be to regenerate your Penthouse so the Box gets the new volume values.
But for that you have to empty your boxes once.

Let me know when all is empty and I regenerate it and see if it worked.

Removed all unnecessary.

On small / large ships, will the small sizes of the boxes remain or do the ships also need to be redone?

OK, most of the boxes are right now.
However I forgot to adjust the Scifi container. Will be done at 5pm with the restart. Please wait until then with filling your boxes.

Tell me the ID of those boxes and I will check/answer.
Type “di” in console and look at the box

Id - 1714

Now I can’t get into the base control panel §
Wait for a server reboot?
And what about the volumes of boxes for CV / SV?


The volume of cargo boxes increased but access to the control panel was lost …
But at the same time I can go into the boxes :slight_smile:

Hello @bla-shka
Sorry for the inconveniences!!
I think the tool regenerated all POIs in the whole galaxy…
I’ve set it to you (private) again

Thank! After global cleanup on Tuesday, rights will not disappear? :slight_smile:

no. :slight_smile:

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