CB:destroy new rule doesn't work

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened: still can’t CB:destroy with no one around
Player(s) with issue: lilkountree
Server: NA
Time (cb:time): 21:04
Playfield: GG
Structure Name(s): Deterrence
Structure ID(s): 6876047
How can we help you now: I read that you can’t cb;destroy anything if the enemy is within 350 meters. Well it apparently doesn’t work if no one is around you either. The whole point of us cb:destroying “wreckage” is to clean up the battlefield as to keep the already unbearable lag down on the playfield. Since ACP has a problem with us doing that, I guess we’ll just keep litering the battlefield with a bunch of lag. You can look if you want to see that there was no one around me and it still doesn’t work.

I waiting until the enemy had fled the area to go back and repair, so no one was around within 350 meters. I thought that’s what I read on the announcement. I may have misunderstood the new rule implemented though. You can see here, it’s telling me that I’m not alone, but you can see in the second link there isn’t anyone near me. I did a full 360 and saw no one. A hud indicator would show up if anyone comes within 500 meters of you, that’s how I know I was alone.



If Rex wanted this to be the rule and it isn’t working, I feel obligated to let him know it’s not working the way he intended it to.

if we want to do a tactical retreat and cb:destory or recycle our base we should be allowed wither there are enemys or not, had a player couple of days ago cb delete his cv in fight but you dont see me complaining about it like ACP, rex you should just leave it the way it was

While its true from your perspective it’s also true from enemies perspective.
That means it is just a matter of time when it’s get cleaned up.
Either after the fight by you or by the enemies looting your stuff until it’s “clean”.

The whole point is that enemies can get their loot as victory.

As far as I know a tactical retreat in war does not mean losing important stuff.

Anyways, once again it is not about ACP. A lot of other people requested that change and we think it is a good one.
Sure it means that your beloved blueprints can get stolen or some yolo strategies do hurt now but that is the price of PvP and the strategy is now rather to prevent that by good planning and execution.

I see your problem got resolved by itself - closed.