CB:Survival - "Commands will be processed on log out"

Whenever I try to do CB:Survival, I get the “Take this to survive!” message, followed directly by “Commands will be processed on log out. This Message will soon stop being shown to you!”. The normal window never opens with anything in it, and logging out/back in does nothing.

My “Survival.xml” file is in /Inventory Templates; No warnings pop up, and the logs don’t indicate that there’s been any sort of error. Unfortunately I don’t see any issues remotely like this in either these forums, or a Google search as a whole.

I am currently using EAH Lite, as Full doesn’t seem to like Nitrado.

Any suggestions as to what the problem might be?

Thank you for that information. We changed the chatbot a few month ago so that all commands that need a kick can be done at once to save logouts. but we obviously took out the mechanism to do it on logout.
I changed the message, to how it works now:

You need to type cb:start to get kicked and the jobs to be done.

Sorry for that confusion.

I’ll give that a try, however CB:Survival doesn’t seem like it’s ever required a kick. Does it just display that message regardless, and the extra backpack of gear not showing is another issue?

On the lite tool it requires a kick. thats where cb:start comes in. It then does the kick

Ooooh, Gotcha - Thanks very much again.

On a semi-side note; Most of the info I found about the Full version and Nitrado are semi old. Is it still fairly broken together, or am I doing something else wrong? (or should this be a new topic?)
(For further clarification: The editing of the config works, and who is online & locations work, but no chat (in game to CB: or using the tool to chat in game) works (even though they LOG in the tool), nor do any of the commands, even though the tool SAYS it’s connected.)

The full version still does not work with Nitrado.

If no chat works then your telnet connection to Nitrado is not set right. With Nitrado you have to set the Overwrite Telnet IP option. Nitrado offers a spezial ip for telnet

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