Chacrater wiped during cross

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What happened: I crossed servers from NA to EU came back with my character wiped
Player(s) with issue: Indic@
Server: NA
Time (cb:time): 14:00PM brasilia
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If you did a CSW then I’m sure you know how it works??

You need to login to EU and wait there until the process is finished.

Rex i went to EU stood there for 1 hour i guess with my character wiped i was hoping that when i cross back to Na i ll have my character back but i went back to NA and im still wiped.

Ah, so you were missing stuff already in EU?! Let me see…

yes all my inventory stuff cause was a new character came back to NA still wiped ship and cargo OK

Ah, so only inventory. Ok moment

No problem with inventory just need my skills back pls

and what i should to avoid this next time i

“what i should do” sorry

REx can get my Skills back somehow?

Ok, takes quite time to understand everything you did.
And regarding:

You can avoid it by NOT logging out during the CSW operation.
You logged on EU off while the CSW operation were still going. That caused the CSW to cancel your player transfer and you lost everything…

Please login so I can set you lvl 25 again

Ok im in

Ok, I’ve set your level. Let me know if the upgrade points are matching

OK its fine thank you very much

best regards