Change formula for PVP rating

Change formula for PVP rating from Kill/Death to Kill - Death, its more adecvate.

for example: there are 2 players
1 player has 250 kills and 30 deaths
2 player has 10 kills and 0 deaths

Why is 2 player in Top #1 and player 1 in 10th place?
This is not serious.

It turns out: A player who spends time on pvp is worse than some mouse who is trying to get a kill and run away?

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Current rating is clearly broken, when I stopped playing around 1.5 months ago I was like #3 or #4 on EU, now Iā€™m #1 :smiley:

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Good point.
I think the subtraction of kill - death makes sense in Empyrion.

The classical K/D like in Battlefield is not good in a 3 month long Survival game.
Will be active in the new season.

For notmeat players i think mb combination formula like that: K-D+K/D

and add table Top 10 death ! :smiley:

This is a new vote suggestion.

This original vote got implemented with HWS 10.X season.