Change from PvE to PvP via EAH?

I have looked all around the web and trying to find specifically how to change a playfield from pve to pvp? By all means I may have missed it, if I have can you please direct me to where I can find this?

If I am mistaken that this is not something that can be done via the EAH tool, Thank You for Clarifying

welcome to HWS.
EAH has a timetable entry to add a PvPvE rotation to the playfields you list in the parameter field.
if you want to do it manually you have to change the playfield.yaml in the Templates save folder and manipulate the global.db database value of PvP from 0 to 1

Thank You for the prompt reply. It took me a few min to actually figure out how to do it so if someone else is looking this up they can reference it.
Timetable | Emp Admin Helper (

The Toggle PvPvE is a sub-action tied to another action and for the playfeild change to take effect a restart must happen.

Again Thank You for your time.

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