Change origin

hi, i was looking around forum and dont find nothing about this…but its posible to changue origin without the reset?
thanks… i really think trader is not my way and im now at lvl 25…-.-.

Only way to select another origin is CB:reset.

As mcprouty said:

for now only with a cb:reset

Even though we could change it technically when ever we want with our tool we still don’t know 100% what sideeffects it could cause with all the alliances etc.

So may i ask u if u can try to do with me?

As I stated: no, we don’t know the sideeffects of it yet and we don’t want to risk that.

If we tested it carefully I will make an announcement or we can even make an EGS service where changing the origin is possible.

Till then you have to use cb:reset I’m afraid.

ty for ur answer, patient and attention.