Changed faction but forgot to put my cv on public

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What happened: i changed faction at the starting planet for prototype and went to alliance but i forgot to put my cv to public when i changed faction so now i cant acces my cv anymore

Player(s) with issue:-{S.Z.}-Frodo

Server:HWS EU

Time (cb:time): 03:45

Playfield: Prototype start planet

Structure Name(s):CV Start Garden

Structure ID(s): dont remember i changed faction so i cant see it anymore

How can we help you now:please get my back my cv everything i have is inside

How to get Structure ID:

Open console (its the ` key just above tab)
type di and hit enter
look at your CV, will show you the structure ID.


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Beside what Taco said:

  1. please don’t overwrite the header message.
    Write your issue as supposed after the “=>” for better readibility.

  2. I changed your CV for now to you (private)

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