Changed faction stuck in mid air

I went from my one man faction to a new faction and forgot to change my ships and base to private, and I am currently stocked in mid air because in my CV I have two undocked vehicles.

Atilla (steam name)

Server? (RE EU)

When did it happen? (Use server time: type ingame cb:time)
=> around 11:30

On which Playfield? ITTVO1


Structure Name(s)?It is the following structures


Structure ID(s) (Open ingame console and type di)?
Battle Kite 16663749
Base (BA) 14517804
Octopussy 10869732
The blitz 11383337
The Moby Dick 17493502 This one is ok already factioned

I have also lost one sv which I can not get any information on anymore it was called Basemower RE 1.7 and it was on the ITTVO I playfield
How can we help you now?
Please set my structures to the TNV faction please.


As an additional note, I can not play or do anything in the game right now since I am stuck in the air with two undocked vehicles in my cv . Would really appreciate it if you could take a look.

I set you back to your old faction so you can set them to private and then join the new faction again

Thanks for the help but this has had a slight problem.
I am no stuck inside the cockpit of my CV, which has been set to the new faction. Can you set my cv to my old faction please?
The Moby Dick 17493502

Kind regards

I warped you out

Hi Jascha,

We have gotten a little bit further thanks for that :slight_smile:
I am locked out of my cv which is in mid air with my sv and hv locked up inside it :slight_smile:
I can get to one of my sv which I have set to private now.

If you can change my cv to GRU?
The Moby Dick 17493502

Kind regards


changing all factions takes a bit so I thought this would be quicker… but a fail. xD
I switched the CV now to your old faction

Thanks a lot that did the trick really appreciate all the help.

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Just one other thing I seems now to be unfriendly with every faction :slight_smile:

Unfortunately theres nothing which can be done about that, from staff side, and there are no logs either, so it’s hard to tell why.
You’ll sadly have to earn it back the manual way :confused:

I am already happy you got me back my stuff so small price to pay thanks again for all the help.


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