Chatbot_Option.XML manual entry format


Can anyone please tell me how I can add entries manually? The Config, Chatbot function does not give me any ability to add new rows. My server provider, GTX, says it is not possible with EAH Lite.


Just click into the last empty line and start editing:


It has nothing to do with your provider since you use the LITE version only on your computer. And please dont edit it manualliy in the file.

Thanks for your prompt response! I do not get any result when I click in to the rows. If I right click I get edit answer but then I cannot actually edit anything.

That is not the Lite, but the full Version of EAH. So what setup do you really have and does the full version work otherwise?

I mentioned Lite because the provider (GTX) has limited what features work on their rented server. I am running the full client. Most other features work, the chat bot is functioning, I just can’t add custom commands as there is no blank row.

Ah I see now. When the master has no entry at all, then also the client cannot add any. Ill have to fix that. Thanks for mentioning.

Is there a fix for this as I am running into the same issue.

Hey, sorry just saw that it was not fixed yet. Will look into it the next days.


Is fixed with the latest Version
Thanks for the report