Check server not started

i keep getting this every 2 minutes and AmpAdminHelper full keeps starting the running server. i can join server and play wtih no issues.

Check_ServerNotStarted - ATTENTION. The Server was not started properly. I’m trying to restart it again!


You can turn that check of in the config or at least set it way higher. See the debug/bugfixes section.

But does eah work otherwise? Do you use reforged szenario? (Thats usually the “problem” since its a big scenatio which takes longer to load, eah thinking, server did not start)

it stops it. but when i restart server it add a time check automatically I also let it run over night and got that message every 2 minutes

Restart eah. Clear the timetable of restarts that are still scheduled with specific time and set the option i mentioned above. That will fix it. I think if you set it to 0 its turned off. See description when you are in the field

after a hardware server reboot EMPAdmin Helper will boot server but nogreen power button now… what is happening

Is the server really started? Can you login to the game?
Are all ports set and no other mod installed that uses the same port?

Yes its started it even shows messages in game. But it am still getting the server not started.

Sorry but I’m a bit confused. Do you now get the error you mentioned at the beginning, or do you get no green light? Or both?

If so: Something in your settings is not right. Please check the API port in the EAH config and compare it to the port set in the EPM mod Setting yaml:
…\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Empyrion - Dedicated Server\Content\Mods\EPM\Settings.yaml

Also make sure no other mod uses that port.

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