Chnage HV limit on GG to 5

After one week of fighting we have noticed that the playfield usualy crash when there is alot of HVs moving around.

So can we change it down to 5 / faction to reduce lag ? SVs works realy well

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Not really a term of support rather than discussion.

And to start with: we won’t do different setups for EU and NA (even though I think the PvP feels somehow different… why you don’t do a CSW?)

I think with the new rule to reduce olp base tower spam you will see less lag on the playfield, if not come to NA and see our nice clean GG :smiley:

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When Op4 fought with allies against the ACP alliance it was a lagfest as well, sometimes the desync was so horrible I had to park for 3-5 minutes for it to play catchup to see the state of my SV.the network optimization really needs to be addressed by eleon, it’s not a HWS issue. Even on homeworld it’s apparent with just 4 people fighting. It seemed it was the constant rendering in and out of the bases on the play field was when it caused the lag spikes. At this point there is not much point in PvP until this is properly addressed unless you have a stupid amount of allies backing you.

Just a suggestion but Another option would be to limit the amount of bases by limiting the number of factions that can be allied. Such as one faction can only have 3 alliances on the server to control the number of bases on that play field.


There is a better way reduce amount of turrets.
Boosting their damage/durability to compensate for new limits.
Less turrets = Less lags + boost = same damage less lag

Though I do not think this can currently be controlled by server admins (?) - I do think the idea has real merit and value of consideration. It would be a great configuration option for server owners “ValueMaxAlliance X” or something similar.

This would then force more careful Alliance choice and limit the scope of fake individual single player factions.

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