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Couldn’t really find a spot on the forums dedicated to blueprint submissions. Starting one here.


PvP miner that some have used in the past. Updated it for A12.


Secrete guarded technology revealed. Quick PvP support fighter designed to hold up long enough for assistance to arrive. Alien core is needed for this version.


Small, quick, and disposable SV scouting ship.

HV used to defang the Protoz harvesters.

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So reforged has sent me back to kindergarten learning how to build again. Looks like I need to be more conservative as ever. Wanted to share my modular disposable loadout for anyone looking to use as little resources as possible. I will add more as I find new needs.

Zip: By himself a great planet cruiser with very little fuel consumption. Can be adjusted for many different uses. Wood cutter, POI respawn point, Resource driller, ect.

Hot Seat: Emergency warp CV. That is all.

Dip n Dock: By far one of my favorites. Smaller version of Zip. Makes a great planet surfer. Very handy when stranded on foot.

Scrapper: When stranded alone it is nice to have one of these guys ready to spawn. The cockpit can be changed out to airtight if needed.

Cant wait to get this built ! Thanks for sharing.

Lil Dipper: For planet & space transitioning. Can have 4 mechanical drills for harvest mode. 4 gatlings with a little CPU drawback.

Nomadicus: SV warp jumper with a little cargo storage.

Solaphrodite: Solar powered teleport relay base. Public access switch in control panel. Should work in all 3 HWS servers.

Found a place with a teleporter u can use to leave but not arrive? Spawn this and u now have an arrival pad for 30LY. Great to plop down on the new ECC HQ in space until we figure out how to get friendlier with EGS on the RE server :wink:

Less expensive mining SV with 6 mechanical drills.