Chose wrong team by mistake. Can't cb:reset for 12 hours

I started as Trader by mistake, while my friends startet as Freelance - is there any chance of me getting to reset so I don’t have to wait for 12 hours before I can cb:reset again - so I can become freelance?

Yeah plz help him, we are 3 guys having a lan :smiley: would be a nice help ;D

Don’t be freelancer.

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hum. I like Freelancer. But you need to know what you are getting into. No RP will mean no Safe longterm area for you to leave in. On the other hand. No RP means you have no RP to loose :slight_smile:
Read rule 3.4 there please.

Can’t help you.

You don’t answer me ingame. So is it ok if I reset you now?

yeah! sorry!

ok, done. Have fun!

Thank you so much sir!