Clarification for turrets underground

Turrets can be in a base underground, right? just not buried in the terrain?

For example, you can have a tunnel going to a base deep underground, and turret that can shoot out through that tunnel, right?


That’s right, if you have dug out and have lower sections in the base then sure you will want those areas to be defended.

A along as the turrets can be destroyed within reasonable standards… It may be a hand rocket only solution but where the issues come is if turrets are covered in any terrain that makes them exploitsble not to be destroyed… Maybe just the Turret tip showing etc.

We tried to have set rules on this but everyone has different opinions on what is allowed.

If it seems ‘cheeky’ then likely don’t do… When we do find instances if minor we let the player know to amend but if total lack of following rules we just destroy the base without mention so for anyone else wondering the same just use common sense and consider… Is the game intended to allow this :wink:

If no then take the safe option

Have fun :slight_smile:

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