Clarifications about OCD and AutoMiner

Hello there. I have seen that most new users doesn’t understand what OCD and AM is about. Myself included, after reading the guide many times there was still some doubt about how stuff worked. The guide needs to be enhanced and you will get less support requests.
First of all, the AM, having the same name that the ingame autominer, causes a lot of confusion. You should rename to something like Orbital Autominer (inline with the orbital cargo drone) or Virtual Miner, etc. The guide should state that both OCD and AM is nowhere to be seen in game and it’s mandatory to use HWS connect to see the contents. Also it could include an example of what stuff to put in OCD (fuel, hand miner, starter factory) for when you lose all.
For AM, it should state that you can have 1 autominer for each mineral type running at the same time. There are many newbs that think they have to sell the autominer to get a different mineral. And the chat is always flooded with the same questions about them again and again.
And there are 4.0 players like me that didn’t know about the AM limit change.
I’ll keep thinking about other improvements .D

Thanks! That was one of the reason Achilles made the Tutorial videos.
The name… Eleon Auto Miner / HWS Auto Miner… it would be correct if we name them OAM - Orbital Auto Miner yeah… will make a note. It is just left from the old days because we had the Auto Miners months before Eleon grabbed our idea :wink:

One big problem was that I couldn’t catch up with the PDA. I will program something modular easy to update it easy… then you can just say to noobs: “Press F1”. Done.