Class 4 BA?

There are a lot of playfield descriptions listing class 4 bases but they say size restricted by server in the blueprint factory. Do we have to cut these down to class 3 to be able to spawn them in?

Ah, I thought our limit system is known by now.

So Class 3 is set in the dedicated.yaml which is a global config for everything and everywhere.
But HWS has a limit feature where we can set limits per playfield as we wish.

So if you see Class 1, 2 or 4 it means it is a limit from HWS which means you have ~15 minutes with warnings in chat before it get seized to HWS faction if you break the limit / ignore the warnings.

Otherwise it just means you spawn a Class 3 Base and can built on top to Class 4 afterwards.

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My thinking was there were separate individual settings in the yaml for global BA class limit, CV class limit, etc. so you could set BA class 4 global and CV class 3 globally…guess that’s not the case then.

So in the particular case of Ju, I can spawn a class 3 and build it up to class 4 and it will not get seized then? Having to strip out a bunch of stuff in the bp only to put in right back in is really annoying, maybe Eleon can implement my above suggestion :slight_smile:

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