Class one Battle for the Planet


Can we do an experiment?

Can we do a Battle for the planet test.

A planet that for 12hrs on a wkd is open to everyone. By the end of the 12hrs which ever faction has control of the Admin Cored Building has access to the planet for the week where it will rain gold all week. Then the following wkd another 12hr Battle to control Admin Cored building begins again.

Now while its the 12hr battle only Class 1 Vehicles can enter the planet.

This would be a great incentive to try out massive battles with class 1 to see if the game/server can handle it.


So we can find if the lag problem is the number of cores, the dimension, the turrets or whatever it is


If you do so let us know beforehand. Then we would arrange a special profiling build from the devs so that they can see what causes the lagshots.

Good idea! +++

@Jascha I am sure we can get 30+ please to do this just need admin to implement it. I do feel it be best to test this on current server to get a better idea how and if Class 1 makes any difference.

I would love to see a huge Class 1 battle… or any Class 1 battle for that matter. This or anything similar gets my vote :slight_smile:

So what do you think @RexXxuS

seems like this post is defunct after @RexXxuS latest post lol

To hell with the weekend! Let’s do this TONight!!! Class 1 SV on desert!! All y’all are gonna die!!

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What Jascha said is important at the moment. Too bad we hadn’t the profiling branch on the NA server installed.
So we really need such a big fight again for benchmarking.
ONLY that way we can improve PvP a lot.

Regarding a general future universe idea: sounds interesting. Made a note.

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I’m all for it, but that would assume everyone follows the rules and no one will come make interference.

Tbh, i was thinking about organizing some events (and i got already 3 potential events with nearly all the rules and planning wrote down), as “random PvP” is all too laggy for me, but i was afraid that there might not be enough people intrested…
Shall i make a poll to check the interest in events?

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Instead make a poll about polling instead, then I’ll fax you my email address and you can call my dedicated 1-900 number and get my home address to next day air an etch-a-sketch me the results to my secretary who shakes all incoming boxes checking for glass as she is a slow learner.

Damn this economy!!!


Poll it is then… just need to check if normal mortals can post some.

Define normal.

Non admin mortals…but its ok, figured it and posted the poll :wink:

let me know if you need some help Fulgrim – More data is always an amazing thing!!

Build from devs is ready. Let us know when.