Class size calculations during PvP

So I was landing on home world minding my own business on a approx 16 device sled (no blocks just devices) when someone wanted to approach with a friendly greeting via rockets. So, sled is shot down, however I brought my class 1 SV and immediately start welcoming both of them in kind. After our formalities ended and they left planet and their 3 bases cored, I’m down to 1 warning left regarding my class size needed to be reduced or my ship shall be taken.

Long story short is next time there may not be a warning, are these warnings going to be reset at some point? The SV in question is on NA, named Murderizer-v2 (it’s back at CL1)

Was testing a class 7 CV the other day on a test server, it got banged up pretty bad with mostly cubes, went up to class 9 with all the holes in it everywhere. I’ve found that you can pretty reliably cut your tri count down by 2/3rds if you replace all your pyramids with cubes now. Which pretty much guarantees your class size will balloon like crazy once shot up. So do you go back to building with all pyramids just to prevent your class size from balooning and risk fighting a cube ship with 2x the blocks?

They probably need to change the tool to use some max block count now for each class size limit instead of just class size only. I remember back in 5.x the class limits used to be determined by block/device count, its funny we’ve gone full circle now.

That plus the loss of core targeting…pvp might die another slow death this patch. Combine that with AMD nerf, the massive decrease in meteor drops compared to 6.x (my personal experience), mag only on SAN, I can’t imagine most noobs getting into any serious pvp now with the massive time sink that resource gathering is now.

The kicker is, over 90% have already been replaced with solid cubes, however the problem with class 1 as you stated, is that during a fight the class size explodes as the fighting progresses as more faces are exposed as blocks are destroyed. So your options are to either leave the play field, do an emergency repair to drop the class size by replacing the blocks missing to hide more faces (i.e. Triangles) or allow the structure to be repossessed. All 3 are akin to retreat or defeat. Or build class 1 cubes to fight in. Not a fun proposition either way, should be a little more leeway on a damaged vessel.