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Hey @everyone,

thanks for reaching out to us.

To provide the best possible support for all of you we have prepared a special “Support Template” where you only have to replace the empty parts.

So please proceed to the template and you get help as fast as we possible can!

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened: A concise version of events leading up to your problem is what is going to be most helpful and could, in itself, provide us with enough accurate information to know the solution. Again, please try and keep it short, relevant and to the point.

Player(s) with issue: All player names to which the issue relates.

Server: NA or EU

Time (cb:time): IMPORTANT: We need the server time (type “cb:time” in Faction Chat or log into connect and click the animated menu icon top right of the page) NOT your local time.

Playfield: Identify on which playfield the issue occurred. (hit M in game. playfield name is top right in Planet. info eg. Name: Homeworld)

Structure Name(s): It is unlikely we can help if your structure has a default name (eg. [BA] Base or [SV] Small Vessel, unless of course you have the ID …

Structure ID(s): Type DI in console (To open the console, hit the tilde key: ~ this key, which is left of number 1 on your keyboard) which activates a small black command line window in game. Get close to the structure, point at it and it will display the Structure ID. Type that number in this field.

How can we help you now: What action you’re requesting, if it isn’t obvious.

Create a Support Ticket here

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