Combat Testing Facility - Broken or Intended?

So checking out this new POI, and it took a minute to figure it out, and it’s definitely an ammo dump doing it solo… however, I managed to clear my way to a door that can’t be opened.

The “Choice is an illusion” door says wrong faction and I’m seeing no other route deeper in past this point.

Nm… All i’m gonna say is bring missiles… LOTS of missiles…

Hope you have fun, you have a long way to go… :grinning:

Well, i’m actually to the door that needs the code from the other rooms… but it’s not taking the code provided, assuming the color coding is the correct order for the numerics.

Had the same problem, it’s some kind of riddle, but I couldn’t figure it out.

well i got to the “combat” door after the maze… but this one’s got me stuck. i’ve tried every color i’ve got from the last few areas and nothing seems to match.

Yep… even if i try every shade of green, and whatever white/offwhite that is at the 3rd door… none of it syncs up.

How many apples you have?
It’s all correct :wink:

apples, stars, i’ve ran back through the rooms like 12 times now just to see if i missed somethin or a color didn’t quite match… so idk.

the apple question is a tricky one. Say what number is it?

well i opened it… it was the white that was givin me the hassle. i still don’t know where that number came from…

so is there something that signifies the end? i’m only wondering cause it appears i’ve finished it… but maybe not?

ie; i got loots… but no exit… ?

nope, found the exit! …trickery.

all in all… not bad. definitely well designed given the games limitations for this type of puzzler.

…just kidding… i don’t get the final code. doesn’t really specify what i’m mathing, and the variables provided don’t give 4 digits…

got it for real this time… the only entering that set of numerics never came up as a thought based on my interpretation of the verbage…

now i can say i’ve finished it

Read this with anticipation, wondering what was gonna happen next XD

I will check this out when I’m home but I played through it 3 times to make sure all the numbers match up.

Maybe someone changed or maybe it’s just too tricky.

Either way I’ll look at it again and see what I find

Other then the colors not really matching the Doors 100%
The English used in the puzzles are confusing
For example the Grow lights could have been worded better.

The main problem once you done it you know all the codes

You should have 6 of them and random them in so it not the same one over and over.