Communal garden (Auxilio) is back

Hello guys :smiley: with 5.0 came origins as we know I chose to follow the path I had been on before but now under the origin of the guardians.
I have thought up new methods I can provide help but maybe not always to the lvl I have done on 4.0.
New players who choose guardians as there origin can recieve starter packs consisting of T2 drills+multi tools, charges, weapons + ammo, and fuel from coded containers. The svs have also been fully coded so I can provide codes if I’m not in the system to containers and the svs :smiley:
Now also a thought to my newly found brethren and allies, I’m happy to remain a small faction. Less dramas means I can provide more help for new players however feel free to message me on here or in-game I am going to add a recruitment LCD onboard auxilio, I can add your faction to this LCD screen. Doing this will allow our origin to rapidly grow in strength and numbers :wink:
After the first wipe I shall set down the public communal garden BA to guide new players to auxilio rather than relying on the temp trading station.
Cheers guys n gals


Glad to see you back buddy!!

Like I sayd before please let me know if you need anything or if i can help you out.

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:slight_smile: ty bud, like the post mentions iv added a faction recruitment LCD screen I’d be happy to add UMC too it :slight_smile:

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Ofcourse yes it will be a pleasure and honor to be part also of your ideas. We also have an outpost there if you need it.

Thank you for this.:beers:

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Consider it done and a pleasure bud and ty if I need anything I’ll let you know :slight_smile:

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Auxilio has under went a slight makover and is now providing basic mining HV’s along with T1 SV’s


A new feature which has benen mentioned was the recruitment board.

As you can see UMC is currently the only faction taking advantage of the board as GoG have vanished from the guardian faction list therefor have been removed.
If your faction is recruiting get intouch - even tell me a lil about what the faction does so i can include a description :wink:
4 Factions on the board now since updating this post :slight_smile:

The way the starter packs work has also changed,

Ive added more boxes to deal with an increased flux in players if i am offline.
Each containers contents is identical and will also now include metal plates and purified water to produce canned veg from the garden.
As the LCD states everything is publicly coded but resources must be supplied or requested.(if im there)

I also have an addition to the team Kurupt7 is an admin within G G amd is able to change the HV’s and SV’s from faction to public for new players, in addition to this i will add an LCD screen within the private section of auxillio enabeling Kurupt7 to see all current codes for each starter container :slight_smile:



New feature coming after the wipe.
the information station, A small bright public BA. I will place approx five around the starter planet

Each station will be numbered so that anyone can find them easily to pickup or meet people, they also have a med and clone bay so can be used as home spawns early on.
Each will also have an LCD with directions and distance to auxilio from the current location.
fingers crossed this will end recieving directions like.
im near a tree over from an meteor, where my survival constructor was place and if i look up the sky is blue :stuck_out_tongue: weve all had these directions at one stage haha.

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One idea for the info stations. You may want to do private, so people dont clear board, scrap for parts. Also you could actually build the station with a big arrow on it, and point it in the right direction. I did arrow buildings for the auctoria pod race.

Yeah true not had any problems with the public BA i sit auxilio on but the possibly cause im always there lol,
only thing is tho i was thinking other could use it as a ref like 2 new players jion and wanna start together. would help them find each other. could trial them being public and see what happens they are nice and cheap,
I love the arrow idea but knowing me id place it the wrong way haha dont often spawn in base and ive had some trouble with the public BA im using under auxilio, it partially collapsed when i spawned it this time haha :slight_smile:

You could make a sealed room inside your base set to faction, and then put a public sv inside of it. Tamper proof beacon.
Ships and bases on public also draw fire from literally everyone, regardless of faction.

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I like these ideas :smiley: gonna toy about with the info station design, I’ll know where to come in future for good ideas :wink:

Done, had to go out earlier but to your suggestions onboard mcp, ty for that and this is what we have now

With the additional LCD

I can keep these private and have a public SV in each so they are tamper proff :slight_smile:


Today Auxilio under went a couple of new changes. first i was approached by pericles1a2b regarding GATO, Happy to announce that G G is now a confirmed member of the GATO Alliance.
This has led to a change in the recruitment board on auxilio.

speak with myself or pericles form more info on this.
Seconldy Mcprouty approached me to looking to extend His new LoT Epic Loan Program, G G is happy to provide LoT a branch on Auxilio to do this

Players as stated on the LCD are required to agree in chat to return the epic and sled after 1hrs, this will fall under the fair play rule 2.1 dont steal on pve along with this i will request a deposit of the 10 am cores they carry. These will be returned after they have returned both the sledge and epic. failure to do so will forfeit the deposit!
This is a free service provided by LoT however they do request and will be greatful for a small donation from the initial FA;supply in the form of the am core and upto one of the two stacks of the comabt steal, This donation can simply be made to blackvortex.


Hey guys, I’m proud to announce that auxilio now has a trading station, this will be situated on the landing pad auxilio rests on,
It will be situated inside a glass dome where I will also place an ATM and med bay for all to use.

Hello all, it’s been a very busy few days for me on auxilio bringing new services to offer new player …And some vets :stuck_out_tongue: with the help of other factions both guardian and trader alike, so would like to thank LoT and ZRA for this. recently I’ve been working closely with ZRA after joining the GOTA alliance and with a shared desire to provide the best possible experience for everyone we are hoping to create a society for the guardians to use and even live in both on Uranus and now the starter planet.
Designed by myself and funded by ZRA I would like to give you a sneak peak of the coming over haul to auxilio.

Still to be completed but getting near final stages :slight_smile: so soon it will be a sad fairwell to the faithful CV auxilio and a warm welcome to city auxilio :wink:
After the change I will also create a new post as jointly with ZRA even more is coming for new players so stay tuned.
One last thing after the transition auxilio could use a new home if anyone would be interested in forming an auxilio branch in another faction. Trader, hunter even freelancer…But not pirate…You get nothing…Naughty pirate! :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi Man,

Would like to use some of you designs in some video footage if thats cool…

to show the ‘community’

Can you let me know on discord when your are next on and ill stop by :slight_smile: