Community and what it means

The current definition found on google: “a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals.”

What it means here in HWS is exactly that. Too many of us forget that there are other living human beings on the other side of the internet. How we act towards them can affect their reactions. Negative energy is usually met with opposing negativity in kind. This is not always true with positive actions sadly.

We are a large group of individuals coming from various culture backgrounds and beliefs. This needs to be thought about before any reaction is made to another’s actions. Sometimes we should pause for a moment to slide on the other person’s shoes and see how our actions could help or harm the situation. The internet has been a source of the instant gratification we have become accustomed to. This has caused many issues several times.

We have to remember this is infact a private server that the HWS team has dedicated to making a home that all are welcome. They are very gracious enough to allow others into their universe. It should be a place we can set aside our differences and coexist. Language barriers do not help this in most cases. Take time to think of how to react rather than going to the first nuclear option that comes to mind. You would be surprised how often huge issues could have been diffused well before they started.

This is just a reminder of the reasons this universe exists. Please be aware of your surroundings. Conscious decisions usually have better results when planed out. Only by working together, are we able to kill each other like civilized people.