Community Event: ABN's Golden Globe FFA

Quick shoutout to @0z and the rest of the ABN crew for putting on a great community event tonight on GG. An FFA event where players all were transported to GG and given SVs with fuel and ammo. They then had a large SV battle and gave prizes (along with PVP faction providing one of them) to the winners as well as provided protection while all the participants mined. Congrats to the winners @Sneakzee, @Glotch and @HappyGorilla!

A couple of players mentioned that it was their first ever PvP experience. It was cool to see a temporary break from the normal fighting for a quick community focused event that allowed players to experience something different. I’d love to see more of these and if you’d like to have your event featured or need help organizing let me know.

I also observed the event in my new HWS blimp:

I streamed the whole thing which you can catch in the video below but I went ahead and put in the timecode towards the end where the final 2 players are fighting plus a recap. Its a cool little clip that shows off the event pretty well.

If you’re thinking about putting on a community event and want to have it recorded just let me know so we can line up the times!