Community help: Frequently asked questions

hello everyone!

Ever had a question that you constantly see asked? Have something you keep trying to figure out but can’t seem to get it? Stuck on some vague rules?

I’m looking for questions that we can collect and maybe build an updated FAQ or use the questions to clarify the guide as we make preparations for the coming modifications.

Please list any questions below, or topics you think need to be clarified. Please be specific in your feedback - not looking for “update for 6.0” suggestions…

Some but certainly not all examples may be around
PVE Rotations
Meteorite spawning
Where to build a base
How to trade
What is RP
What’s the best way to get help
How to get rid of RADs

Many of you already help provide great community support. This is an opportunity to help build an updated reference for those people and give them a link instead. :). We can easily make a link like for easy reference in game.

Thanks as always for the help!!!

Your HWS staff

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For a quick FAQ

What ways can we gain RP per faction type?

What effects does each weather type cause? and how best to combat this effect?

What type of resources can be found in each system/planet?

And please check if this is still legit or needs updated or you want your QA there:

I am awful I always forget about the PDA sorry its just a feature I don’t use. I will try to use it more. None of my questions are that link anyway. PDA is only helpful when your in game. I tend to ask these question when I’m not in game.

Some new players do not even kow about hws connect on the web! OR even about the pda in game!
maybe there could be some kind of text that you can put into the chat with in welcome message letting them know this.
OR maybe a different windown in chat called community help where some people in game can keep an eye on it to help new players while the admins sort out other aspects of game problems.

there ar so many Q"'s that peoel ask liek why do my plants keep duying, help im suck what can i do?
where to find certain things
how do i get the elemental bank to work even though im in it ect

hope this helps