Completed Blueprint 5.3 update killed it

Hey Admins,

So I let a blueprint run yesterday evening. Unfortunately 5.3 hit that put a limit
on the amount of sentry turrets. Thus leaving me with a completed yet unspawnable blueprint.

I had some issues spawning a base twice before that screwed me with structural integrity, those were my own mistakes. I lost a bunch of ores but didn’t complain, that’s my own fault for not practising in creative mode.

Yet this third time, I really think it’s undeserved and would like to see if you can help me out here. I’ve added the screenshot.

Remove the extra sentry turrets.

I do not see how this is an HWS problem.

em… Its completed bp… In new bp he could change something, but what about already completed?

LOL this is becuase your abusing the unlimited sentries xD busted :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey Sky,

Sorry we cant do anything as this info is stored locally.

So the only way to remove would be to clear cache, however, you would lose everything that is ready…

which seems a fair amount.

There is one possibility but would have to contact me via discord as i would need to be around for it and you would need to be online.

Well not really it was a bp from workshop but forgot to remove sentries during customization.

Anyway, guess I’m just gonna suck it up as usual, I’m getting kinda good at that xD

Thnx for the reply m8, I’m just gonna let it go.

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