[COMPLETED] Once again


I had believed that my bug was an exception but nop -_-

Here is the first subject, it was resolved few hours ago :

It’s exactly the same issue.
@Jascha sorry, can you help me once more ? I promise I will never go back on Lucifer, this hell of a planet don’t want me !!

Ok will do so. Are oyu on, then i would spawn it on lucifer.

I’m on Lucifer currently, but I will just move so if it’s easy for you to tp the CV and me in space it’s ok

Edit : Oh are you asking if I’m connect ? No but I can

If you go online i can directly spawn it to you. otherwise i would need to go online

Ok I have my CV back ( the tp occur when I spawned on the vessel. Defore it stayed stuck in the green wall but now I’m back in space, so it’s all good )

Thanks again :slight_smile:

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