Concept - Creating organic/authentic player interactions: Multi-markets

In short:

  • Improve the web-based market code to spawn multiple markets only accessible from certain points in the universe.
  • Start adding routes in the universe (that require warp gates). Connecting end-points to web-based markets.

This adds new, or revamps old, professions: Trader, Hauler, Convoy Guards, Raiders.

I’m a new player here on HWS, but have quickly fallen in love with the community. I’ve really missed having a group of good nuggets to spend time with in a game rather than queuing up with randoms in teamgames.

I saw the amount of content created for this server and was astounded. It’s fantastic! I’ve been a founding developer for such a server back in NWN2 and I know it requires a lot of sleep to be sacrificed. My hat is off to the devs!

I set my sights on building one or more of basically everything. Taking a deep dive into pvp builds and more. I found that I didn’t want to lose resources before I was ready for it so I decided to hunt for rare resources among the unknown stars. And basically this has been my whole experience. I’ve built everything I really want to and it has required no player interaction.

My idea for this community is simple, yet effective, at creating organic/authentic player interactions. Expand the idea of the market to a multi-market system where you can actually trade for profit and generate true supply and demand.

At first glance this sounds like a lot of work, but I don’t think it has to be. This is something you can start small and build on.

First of all the code for the current web-based market is something that can most likely be duplicated into multiple markets with relatively small amounts of work. Look at it as blueprints and spawning them in. I’m oversimplifying as there is no point to becoming too technical at this point.

Then you link these markets to specific places in the universe. Meaning - you can only access a market if you’re at the location.

Traveling to these locations require that you travel through the universe. Now lets say you want to make a small early game profit: You could set up a safe route for this avoiding pvp-zones and maybe you only make 3-4% profit. But if you start setting up trade routes through the pvp-zones to the more dangerous market zones you could suddenly make 10-30% profit.

In order for this to work we would have to use warp gates so people couldn’t just T2 Warp around. So I imagine having pvp sectors with 2 or more fixed destination gates where you have to travel (unsafely) to a gate that takes you to your destination market.

I think that once you pass through one of these “tradegates” we would have to disable the OCD so people can’t just haul stuff safe from any raiders.

Long term:

  • Add a central market where you can place buy orders. Haulers can accept contracts to go buy specific resources and haul them to the central market.
  • Create a supply / demand market. An example (not intended as a good idea) is splitting the universe in 4 large chunks and each chunk is missing some ores. Meaning you have a true demand for resources.
  • Add buy orders so players can sell a certain amount of goods to web-based npc’s in the new markets. This means we can generate “trade quests” that becomes a race with evil raiders along the way.

To clarify exactly how these markets are populated with orders: Some “outpost” markets won’t have enough players to create any significant traffic. For this we need to use web-based npc’s that have buy orders - they want to buy from us but only a limited amount. In addition we need web-npc’s to sell stuff. So when we visit an outpost market maybe they sell an ore at a great price, but they are limited to sell only X amounts each day. These sell orders should be somewhat dynamic so that you can’t always go to X and buy Y amounts of Gold Ore and earn lots of cash. It needs to be more challenging than that. Add some randomization to it and it will be great.

I think this would yield a lot of player interactions and a lot of fun!
It would create a much more interesting purpose for pirates. There would definitely be a market for convoy guards. Traders would suddenly be a viable profession instead of just mining.

Most of the entertainment and interactions is generated by the players and requires relatively small amounts of work compared to the possible yield.

Edit: I’m going to be editing this post here and there as the idea is fleshed out while I discuss it with people.


I think this post might here a bit too early.
HWS has something called Commodity Trading which allows high profit gains by the player buying at point A, and then selling at point B. Selling in PvP means often more profit.
It’s sadly disabled this season as there hasn’t been time to set it up, but you should try reading here:

I believe commodity trading will get a rework for next season if I understood it correctly.

Also the HWS Marketplace is already quite dynamic regarding Supply and Demand.
I’ve seen gold down at 260-270 some seasons, and up to 500 and above other seasons. Same with many resources, and items. Every season is different.

I’m familiar with the concept of commodity trading. The thing is: Firstly I think commodities are a bit too artificial to be fun. If you create a true market then it has use in terms of people buying to use or people buying to trade for profit. One web-based market is great, but more markets and making them only accessible at certain places makes it even better.

The “tradegates” as I started calling them is key to making this into a player-interaction thing. Making it hard to just warp around feeling safe.

Btw I was looking for commodity trading this season and didn’t find it… now I know. :sadpanda:

Edit: You can even make it so that some markets have a native discount on certain ores. So if you trade at “Atlantis Market” then gold is 10% cheaper. But it’s hella dangerous to get there. Maybe you can use trade taxes to artificially inflate prices in the safer zones for instance.

One player market kinda just takes the flavor out of trading. It’s too easy and doesn’t create enough opportunity.


Wow! Just, wow… You are in essence describing the current commodity system but with items that have a purpose other then to transport and sell. From one who has gone on many commodities runs, I have to say I was not a fan of how many different commodities types there are available. Would be interesting to see how this would play out. If we were to implement this, I suggest we lessen the types of trade items that have no crafting abilities to a handful. I’m leaning towards diamonds, ancient artifacts, and maybe the technical artifact as they seem like they should be a high priced item.

I would argue that I’m describing something more advanced, but all trading builds on shared principles.

I would like the trading not to be commodities as they are artificial, but rather useful items. For instance: For players who partake in PvP they are “spending” ships. Meaning they have to do a lot more mining than the rest of us. But with a proper trading system you can actually earn money and you can buy (here comes the useful items) ore from certain outpost markets at a discount so you don’t actually have to spend hours upon hours of mining. It adds alternatives, flavor and player interactions to the server.

Imagine this: What if you could go on a run with your guildmates with a 100 million investment in cargo and earn a 20-30 million profit? Wouldn’t that be enough to buy ore/items for a new ship? Only thing is though… what happens if there’s a guild of raiders ready to take you down… I see a lot of potential for this. Maybe the convoy guards you hired decided to backstab you and grab the loot?

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Apologies, I was referring to the current commodity system back when it was very close to what you are describing. There was just not enough time to dedicate the attention it needed this season or last. There used to be several racom stations throughout the galaxy setup to buy and sell various items in the game. Head to the Cor system to see how the prior space stations were setup and Ori has a planetary one. In space, the common everyday usable items are up front and the commodity items are in the back section. Planetary racoms were the place to sell for a much higher profit in most cases but you could not buy anything. There were many different “trade routes” to be taken. PvE was “usually” much less profitable than PvP. The racom @ ECC currently has the same traders that are in the front of the older ones but I have yet to locate any commodity traders there. I would suspect they do not yet exist. But yes I would love to see how this idea unfolds.

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