Confusion about Faction Structure Control

Hi Team,

I would like to confirm what to modify if I would like to confirm which setting I should edit to : limit each player can have only 2 faction cv/ba/sv/hv ? eg: 3 member factions can have max 6 faction cv in total. I need to edit the config file directly as am only using master/slave version of EAH Full. Thanks and please advise.



this might help you:

The rows I think are clear (end of the property before it says PVE/PVP = Base/CV/SV/HV)

The columns:

Are like this:
FactionPVE: MaxFactio###PVE_Base
FactionPVP: MaxFaction###PVP_Base
Faction PVE per member: MaxFaction###PVE
Faction PVP per member: MaxFaction###PVP
Player PVE: MaxPlayer###PVE
Player PVP: MaxPlayer###PVP

-### = Base/Cv/Sv/Hv

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Thanks Jascha:)

May I confirm the [IMPORT] and [EXPORT] function works inside the EmpAdminHelper Playfields ? I think I need to export all playfields, modify in batch (maybe excel?) and import to fix it. Or else I have to key in 1-by-1 which is super tedious :sleepy:

For the settings mentioned above you only have to set them once, since they are global restrictions.
If you want to set restrictions per playfield, yes, export/import would help, but its a xml file, not excel.

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