Connected block requirement question

Regarding the rule below, does this ban us from creating an underground base where you move the core after completing it and it shows as being 100 meters or so from where it really is? I know players used to do that as an countermeasure against sapping attacks on small bases but are we still allowed to?

additionally, I had a CV where I connected a block directly to it but it looked like there was almost a meter of space between the block and the CV. Is that banned to?

8.5 Proximity Alert Decoy.
DO NOT build proximity alert decoys only with Flares or other Devices, which have a bad render distance. Make sure to use regular blocks for them. DO NOT change the center of your object by moving the core or other things away as well. The HUD marker needs to be directly bound to your object.”

It’s legal for bases to have non-connected blocks. For moving vessels, the blocks have to be connected. If you can fit a block in a space between the two, then they are not connected.

thanks chao