Connection to playfield-Comet 7

Hello. We have little bit bad situation on Comet7. We are kicked out immediately after login(message: Connection to playfield lost). At least i think immediately cos message appear few (5-10) seconds after login. Its virtualy imposible to get out of planet and i dont know if suicide will work.
I m not really sure how long it take to fix it or when will be fixed but at least i want to answer a question:
Can you at least somehow transport us out of planet ? I think even orbit should be enough to get out i think (freelancer starter is better :)). And im talking about players: Zanturius and john3w.

And yeah this topic is not about connection problems its about getting me and friend out of planet (we cant send message in game obviously). Also sorry for spam, i dont know where to wright in this kind of situation.

Has happened to me before. Have you reset your router AND your gateway(if you have one). Far as I can tell it is caching bad data based on your connection. Worth a shot atleast

I dont think its my connection because i had no problem until i get to planet. And friend i was rescuing had this problem hour before me (he was on comet 7) but hey i can try. By the way…uhm…how do i do this ? :smiley: Never did this before.

Hey thanks for the info I saw you before quick online and Comet 7 cause 98% CPU load. Something is wrong which we will check later.

I teleport you and your friend now out of the planet. Anywhere special?

Your friend is already on freelancer starter.

Can you please send us your log files! That would be really nice.

ok. Thanks you very much !
But…you need whole Logs file ? Or just specific parts of it ? And should i send it on email ? (and what email)

You can send it via email (see imprint) or as pm to me.
Best is to zip the whole Log folder… Not the log-folder itself, but the subfolder with the highest number

Yeah i think i found it. Sending PM.

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