Hey guys,

sadly RexXxus is gone for a few days or a week on very short notice and sadly I also planned to do some trips the next week. :grimacing: .
This means that I will try to take care for most of the tickets, but there are two issues:

  1. you might have to wait till morning/evening until I can take care for them.
  2. I have not much clue about ingame mechanics etc. anymore. This is Rex dominion. And even you know the game better then me.

Therefore I kindly ask you to help me out (as you already do so well :heart:) by solving game issue tickets, but please also have some consideration for this unplanned event.

We will try to do our best so you can still have the best experience on this server, and soon its back to normal again.

Thank you very much for your support and understanding!


Dear HWS Community @everyone
Since many asked and I don’t want rumors: I’m in Hospital right now and broke my collarbone in 2 pieces on Saturday while biking in the forest.
Surgery was ok and I’m more cyborg now than some suspected already :wink:

Unfortunately it has thrown me back in my HWS+ plan for many days .
I’m sorry for the long wait.

Thank you for helping Jascha and thanks to our helpers, Dr. Dark, Gareth and all the others!
I’ll be hopefully back soon.
Take care!